Text Message Marketing For Your Food Truck



Create An Instant Flash Mob

By Sending One Simple Text Message !!!

Build lasting relationships with your customers and convert them from one time customers into raving fans who purchase from you over and over again !  




Mobile marketing is taking your message to today’s cellphones, Smart Phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices that are  tucked into purses, pockets and other easy-to-reach  locations across the entire globe.




Mobile marketing allows you to reach your customers at any time of the day or night wherever they are.



It can help you expand your customer base by allowing you to reach more people for  a fraction of what it would cost you using traditional advertising.




 70% of every mobile searches will result in action within 1 hour and mobile coupons have an impressive 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons……



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Let us help you expand your customer base by allowing you to reach more people for a fraction of the cost! 




Features of Our Service:


 Text-in contests – Your consumers can text-in their number to enter contests and drawings.


Text alerts for subscribers – Keep your consumers abreast of news, updates, and notifications with easy-to-use bulk text messages.


Text surveys and polls – Interact with consumers and get instant feedback via text messaging.


Corporate text message marketing campaigns – Fast and efficient.


Quite possibly the most effective marketing campaign that you have ever tried!


Notification systems – Alert clients of urgent news and updates regardless of their location or access to the Internet. Nowadays, your clients likely carry their cell phones everywhere they go.